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Web Design Software brings together various skills and disciplines in producing and maintaining websites. Web Design Software refers to the design process relating to maintaining and creating a website. It is a conglomerate of interface design, authoring, graphic design, user experience design, and proprietary software and standardized code. Search Engine Optimization normally attracts web visits causing web traffic. You would wonder why your neighbor’s site is ever full of visitors while your site has none. For a site to be optimal, it needs several features in consideration. This feature build will produce an interface that will be classic and attractive to users.

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Benefits of using the following website design software to design a website

a) Drag and drop

1. A drag and drop software enables one to view the whole process of designing their website. Since it only comprises of moving an element from one location to another, one can clearly view how data is transferred directly on the machine they are using. Everything is viewed as it happens. With this Web Design Software, you won’t be clueless with what goes on during the designing process.

2. Web Design Software does not require technical knowledge and element in order to use it in designing your website. It does not require any knowledge about codes, hence can easily be utilized by anyone whether an amateur or an expert.

3. With a Web Design Software, you have all the freedom to make any changes that you deem necessary on your website. It enables one to change their template appearance. This saves a website owner the need to buy another website so as to fit with the current trend.

4. Web Design Software is the best for personal blogging as it has very cheap templates.

5. For company portals, this Web Design Software is the best since it has themes suitable for such.

b) Templates

1. Website templates can be modified to meet your requirements in terms of changing colors, using different pictures and texts so as to create absolute uniqueness.

2. Templates are the best Web Design Software for website designing especially for companies which are just starting up. This is because templates are very affordable as compared to other software. This greatly saves on money.

3. With templates, you are sure of saving time since a website created using templates is ready to use within a very short time. This is opposed to a custom site built from scratch which takes up to months to be completed.

4. Professionally designed website templates are way much cheaper compared to custom designed website. With $30-$65 you can get a good website template while you will need up to $5000 for a custom designed website.

5. Most of the templates found currently have in-built features which enable you to optimize your website and prepare it for search engines. This will reduce the cost of spending on SEO services.

6. With templates, you are able to see how your website will look like before you even pay for it.

7. Most of the templates bought from reputable providers work effectively as the coding is always correct and tested.

8. Templates come in very many designs which enable you to choose what you prefer in terms of colour, style, among others.

c) Web Design Software Support SEO

Support SEO in web designing is a very important tool. This is responsible for the following:

1. Increases traffic

With an SEO enabled website, web-browsing is highly enhanced attracting majority of impressions and clicks in top positions. Ranking of top positions results in significant website traffic increase. Web Design Software creates informative and title tags with relevant keyword and Meta description that populate result pages. Optimization of tags and descriptions increases clicking rates thus increasing web traffic. This traffic can therefore attract corporate advertisements.

2. Cost Effectiveness

SEO effectively targets active users looking for online products and services. SEO is inbound thus helping businesses to cut costs as compared to outbound strategies of cold calling.

3. Increase in website usability and activeness

SEO helps you to easily navigate a website quickly. It rearranges the architecture of the site and relates homogenous pages to make it easier to navigate a web search.

4. Return On Investment

SEO is able to track and provide tangible results whether for ecommerce or not. Web specialists can trace their strategy aspects like traffic, conversions and rankings.

5. Branding and Market Positioning

Big brands rank high in terms of significant impressions. Top positions on the result pages for your website automatically equates to more exposure. It will associate your website with keywords that create trust to clients.

6. Better rates of conversion

SEO website is fast, user-friendly and compatible with many digital devices like mobile phones, laptops and tablets. This leads to better conversions.

d) A lot of Standard Features

1. Standard features enables site web consistent feel and look.

Location of all styles and designs in one document offers allowance for retheming. Features like TextPattern, Habari and WordPress ake blogging dynamic. Storage of CSS separately and its application to HTML documents permits a dynamic presentation for all documents.

2. It improves user experience by limiting bandwidth usage and accelerating loads.

Since CSS can enable transformation of table-based layouts to CSS-based one, page size can be reduced by 25 to 50%. This improves user experience.

3. Improvement of Search Engine Optimization without costs

This is preferred as compared to Pay per Click campaigns that lead to a website spending millions of shillings.

4. Increase of web traffic which enables you to maintain contact with your user on several platforms.

e) Upload to Host

Some web design softwares are designed with precision to perform unimaginable miniature jobs. Such jobs that are limited to human expertise, today Website Design Software can do it perfectly. It can upload your website to the host server. This makes work much easier and less time spent.

f) Fast change

Ability for a website to change its interface faster can be determined by the kind of software used. Manual installation of web interface can take longer time as compared to software-made one.

g) Affordable pricing

This is demystified in two perspectives. The Website Design Software used to perform the work is not expensive and the process of performing the work is easy and affordable. Precision attained by software web designing is much better as compared to manual pairing of layers to attain a single interface.

h) Responsive Web Design

This may involve the use of Bootstrap3 cutting edge technology to upgrade websites using the ability to change the visual display and layout. This however depends on the size of the display screen. It may also provide optimal viewing experience through a range of devices.

i) Image Editor

The basic example of image editor is photoshop which has been hurriedly adopted by the whole world. However Adobe’s Creative Cloud photo editor is a major player in this field. Note that it depends on what is used to edit an image or the purpose of the activity. Different Apps can perform this e.g. Affinity Photo, Photoshop CC, Pixlr, and Serif PhotoPlus X 8, among others.

j) User Interface

This refers to the overall display and interactive view of a website to the user. A good user interface lures more visitors to the website. Website Design Software can suggest the best interface liked by most users.

k) Web Content

Web content remains dynamic depending on the consumer’s preference. A website can be hosted for anything; be it negative or positive. It is up to the user to choose his/her preference. SEO tool assists user in finding the sites that they prefer. Web Design Software can classify wb content for the user.


Today over 60% of legal businesses rely on their websites to make a kill. Web designing has become more than professional. Many businesses advertise global through websites. A good example is Google. This site is visited by millions of people daily hence making a lot of money. Many visits to a website raise its revenue. A quality website has unique features and therefore flocks many visitors.