10 website secrets to attract more visitors for your website

As a business, a properly designed website is not all it takes to attract visitors to your page. Although it is important to have a well designed website, you shouldn't stop at this if you want to witness an increase in your incoming traffic and probably also an increase in your sales. You have to do much more in order to ensure people find you and that you don't remain invisible somewhere in cyberspace. Below are some of the strategies you can apply to attract more website visitors:

1. Know your target market

Knowing your target market is the first and most important thing you should do if you want to attract visitors to your site. Just like any other venture, your business has to have a sense of direction in its internet marketing strategy. You should know who you want to reach and how you intend to reach them. Your target market are the people who would normally buy your products offline. Lets say you are a business dealing in baby products, your target market will be mainly women with babies. When you set about advertising your business online therefore, you have to advertise it on pages which are likely to be visited by such women. These include motherhood blogs, websites dealing in diapers, and so on and so forth.

In order to enable your target customers find you online easily, you need to use keywords which match the search terms they are likely to use. In the case of a business dealing in baby products, an example of a keyword(s) you can use is baby blanket. In order to reach your target market even more easily, you can try using long tail keywords instead of regular keywords. Long tail keywords enable you insert specific words which can help your target customers find you more easily. An example of a long tail keyword for a baby product business can be 'baby blanket for newborns'.

A target market is not only the type of people you want to sell to, it is also the geographical location you wish to reach with your product or service. Ask yourself whether you want to reach customers in a given state or in the entire country or internationally. Whatever your target location is, use strategies which will help the customers there find your business. Try mentioning the location's name several times on your website so that search engines can recognise it and lead people to your website when they search for products or services in a particular location.

2. Effective headlines

If you have followed newspapers and blogs on social media then you may have noticed one thing, they have catch headlines. The words they use to introduce a particular story are so irresistible such that thousands click on the accompanying link to read the story. They may even say that someone has passed on when what they mean is that he or she has changed their name and are no longer going by the name they have had all along.

Just like the newspapers and blogs, you also need to have catchy headlines in order to attract visitors to your website. Remember headlines are shown among search results and a catchy headline is a click bait. Above all, your headlines should contain the relevant information. Make sure they contain information about what they are talking about.

3. Have an "About Us" page

Having a homepage is not enough, you should also have an About Us page. This is the page that will help visitors know more about you. They will know what your business is, the products or services it deals in, how long it has been in operation, where it is located, what drives it, how it differs from other businesses, and how it can be reached among others.

You should have a well updated About Us page. Make sure it contains all the relevant information. A well updated About Us page will help search engines find you easily and list you higher in their search results thereby increasing the chances of people visiting your website.

4. A clear navigation bar

It should be easy for your visitors to navigate through your website. You should have a clear navigation bar, this enables your visitors to easily move from one page or another in order to find the information they wish to access. The way through which you can have a clear navigation bar is to ensure you have the right template and theme.

An easily navigable website encourages visitors to stay longer and search through your website for more information. A website which is difficult to navigate on the other hand discourages visitors from staying longer at it. They are likely to exit it the moment they open it and discover it is not easy to click through its pages.

5. Integrate social media & video

In order to increase traffic to your website, you should share the contents of your site on social media. You should have a social media page for your business where you communicate with your customers and provide them with links to your website which they can click on. This will help lead more people to your website. In addition, you should use share buttons to enable your visitors share your page with their social media friends. This will generate new traffic to you.

Apart from social media, you should also try using videos to attract visitors to your site. Videos are currently the in thing when it comes to internet marketing. They help increase incoming traffic because they arouse people's curiosity and also provide people with visual information that is easy to understand. You can advertise on other websites using videos or you can just wait for Google and other search engines to list your video on their organic search results.

6. Use power pictures and graphics

One way through which you can attract more visitors to your website is by using powerful pictures and graphics. Your pictures and graphics should be sensational in order to make your website more appealing to visitors. Everybody loves a beautiful looking picture or any other elegant decoration. Try using a picture that will grab internet users' attention when they see your page listed among search results. They are likely to click on your link if that is the case.

7. Provide impressive testimonials

When visitors find impressive testimonials on your page, they will likely want to stay on your page longer and get to know more about your products or services. A positive testimonial helps to build confidence in your visitors that they have come to the right page. Try and include a few positive testimonials or reviews on your home page in order to showcase yourself as a credible business.

8. Have an opt-in box

Your website should not just be one way, you should try and enable visitors to engage with you too. You can do this by introducing an opt-in box where your visitors can leave their email addresses in order to receive more information or even a free ebook from you. An opt-in box makes your business appear credible to visitors and they are likely to stay longer at it and learn more about your business. In addition, the visitors are likely to share the information they will receive from you with their friends in case it is an interesting and helpful information. This will in turn lead to more visitors to your website.

9. Have an order page

You should try and have an order page. The reason many internet users click on your page in the first place is because they needed to find out more about your product or service and probably make a purchase. There is no way visitors can make a purchase if you don't provide any information on how to do so. Have an order page and your site will be more attractive and helpful to visitors.

10. Have a Contact Us page

A Contact Us page is very essential for every website, it is the page which provides visitors with information on how to reach you. Without it, there is no way visitors can reach you even if they had the intention of purchasing your product or service. In addition, a Contact Us page helps to portray you as a credible business to the visitors. Include a Contact Us page in order to attract visitors to your website.