5 Tips for Designer and Programmer to sell StarWebSoft's theme

You have spent a lot of days developing a StarWebSoft theme? You have devoted some resources to make this theme very responsive, passed the code requirements, and also, have required infrastructure in place that will help you provide support to nearly all if not all your customers. Only one problem exist. Your promoting struggles aren't generating reasonable interest for the theme. What needs to fixing? Here are the tips for designer and programmer to sell StarWebSoft theme on the social network, forum, etc..

1. Give away stuff
You need to give away free versions of your product on your hosted website. If you don't prefer to do that, you can alternatively give away PSD files, plugins, icon sets or any other small stuff. Doing this will assist with both emails and traffic to sell your theme. Should you choose to maintain the free version of the theme, use the dashboard if you need to up-sell customers to a premium version. Also, ensure you keep the free version up-to-date so that you always appear in the "updated" section. Inform your customers on social networks about this.

2. Know your customer
Is your client, a marketer, searching for some one-page website and what he/she cares about is conversion optimization? Or a fellow developer, who doesn't even care about the looks of your theme since he/she will be adjusting to his/her client's needs. They will both be looking for themes that suit their interest, but expecting completely different benefits from your theme. These people are from different fields and most probably, they will be on various forums and social media. Therefore, depending on what your theme is about, you should sell your product at forums with many of your customers.

3. Build a newsletter
If you haven't done this, then you are light-years dragging in your competition. If used right, email newsletters can help a lot build a prosperous business. You should keep the email list warm and blog post perfect for that. To maintain a healthy market, you also need to contact your subscribers more often. You can also include the link to a subscription to a newsletter on social media.

4. Provide a stellar Customer service
Having a stellar customer service to respond to social media comments can be a vital thing that needs implementing in promoting your product if can't do it yourself. Supporting your customers would make them feel how much you appreciate them and how you value your product. If the client obtains a quick response, they will be happy and might buy again or inform others of your product.

5. Buy Paid Reviews
Many blogs offer review services. These paid services are essential. If you don't see any sound output from free promotion techniques, you should consider testing the waters with placed paid review. This way it may help to market your product faster. When these reviews get shared on social media, they may reach many customers.