5 Tips to make Theme at StarWebSoft

Many beginners will tend to feel overwhelmed during the selection of a suitable theme for their website. Thousands of paid and free options are available. Every theme looks attractive than the other, and it's essential to design a better one. As a web designer, your design should be of high standard. Every theme caters for a different market and should provide for a particular field or various areas without losing the purpose of the theme. Here are the tips for web designers to make theme at StarWebSoft.

1. Strive for simplicity
Many familiar themes come with lots of flashy animations, colors, and complex layouts. Sometimes users might need all this but in most cases, they won't need all that. You have to make a theme having a design that would help them support their primary goals. You will want to have one that needs to look beautiful without compromising the simplicity and usability. Also, the theme's presentation style should not be overly complicated. If it's great but doesn't attract new subscribers, then it isn't a good one. Despite being simple, your theme should be excellent for any the purpose.

2. Responsive is not optional anymore
A responsive theme will adjust its layout to fit on different devices and screen sizes. A significant amount of web traffic gets generated from handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets. You should ensure that your theme is mobile friendly since Google shows mobile friendly sites on top on mobile search results.

3. Browser Compatibility
You will expect that your theme users will use different browsers. The theme you design may look perfect on your browser but something broken might appear on other browsers, and this is where the compatibility of a browser comes in. Most theme developers will test them on different browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. Making a theme at StarWebSoft should involve one that is compatible with all these browsers.

4. Supported Modules
The real power of any great theme comes with modules. There exist plenty of modules, but some are must-have modules for any website. These include CMS, Blog, Language, Service, Portfolio, Slider, etc. Designing a theme should consider incorporating these popular modules.

5. Page Builders (CMS)
Page builders are modules that will allow users to create a page layout. Many premium themes come with page builders already installed in them. You should incorporate the most used builder modules like CMS, Blog... since StarWebSoft requires this feature.