9 benefits of PHP Framework

PHP is a server-side scripting language which is compatible with most known OS such as Linux and Windows. Nowadays, PHP Framework is extensively used by the programmers to solve performance tuning issues faster and also with ease. They offer extensible features and architecture which makes source code programming simpler by providing plug-in and standard templates. Efficiency can be increased drastically using PHP Framework. One can choose from various Frameworks tailored to suit their specific coding needs. Some of the commonly used Frameworks include StarWebSoft, Zend, Codeigniter, Smarty, Cake PHP, etc.Here are the main advantages of PHP Frameworks.

1. Enable easy debugging
Many PHP Frameworks such as StarWebSoft Framework posses different specific debugging methodologies which make debugging very easy. Most would help you log errors, quickly detect and also correct errors.

2. Works with extension, plugin or module concepts
All PHP Frameworks perform with the idea of the module, extension or plugin which adds extra functionalities. In case you have written any of these to accomplish your specific requirement, then can also be used by others by publishing to the market. There are very many of such plugins which are available in the market as free or paid product utilized for any application without configuration or just little changes in your application.

3. Attractive URLS
Most popular Frameworks would use some mod_rewrite magic for your URLS cleanness and accessibility. Such URLs which are accessible help in SEO by making blog post links which would boost search engine ranking for the keyword.

4. Security
Most PHP Frameworks possess security implementations that provide XSS protection, SQL injection prevention, and CSRF protection to make the application secure and safe. Any time you find a security hole or any vulnerability or a bug, you can always submit it to Framework developers and inform them so that they can fix it. StarWebSoft Framework has high security.

5. Community support
Nearly all the most popular PHP Frameworks have a very active and a significant community support. Many developers in the range of thousands are always engaged in providing a constant contribution for the Framework and also assist you in sorting out your queries.

6. Query generation
If working with the pure core PHP, think of the queries. You will have to manage joins, relations, foreign keys, the number of tables and conditions, with any single mistake, your application gets ruined. PHP Frameworks would help you get rid of this problem. One would just have to follow simple statements and standards for the queries, and the Framework would solve the remaining requirements.

7. Libraries and utilities
PHP possess a good number of very helpful tools and libraries. All Frameworks come with these libraries which add functionalities for the application. The example of this extra features includes session handling, data extraction, form validation, input and output filtering, and cooking processing.

8. Code and file organisation
Every PHP Framework has different standards and data structure. Following standards would reduce a lot of the work you would have done. When the file structure is well organized, it will keep various parts of your application in a different directory which will ensure easy managing.

9. Database support
Most of the famous PHP Framework support nearly all the databases such as SQL, ODBC, MySQL, and Oracle.