Build a FREE website at StarWebSoft

Build a FREE website at StarWebSoft

Build a FREE website at StarWebSoft

Nowadays, selling your products and services online is a rewarding venture; this is due to the fact that there are over three billion internet users in the world (huge potential market). But the task of building your own website can be daunting; especially to people with no coding knowledge. Well, the good news is that there is a solution for anyone who has been previously limited by lack of coding knowledge from building your own website.

StarWebSoft is an online platform that enables you to create your own website, even with no coding knowledge. The StarWebSoft allows you to customize and design your website to meet you required specifications and business needs. On top of all that, StarWebSoft offers a free website theme to build your website. In case you require a more sophisticated theme there are various additional themes which you can purchase for a small fee.Interested in building your personalized website using the StarWebSoft website builder, here are the few simple steps to do just that:

1. Visit StarWebSoft website and then click on the “Theme” icon at the top of the page. This opens the theme's page which is where you begin your website order. The first theme option is free, but you can select any other theme if you don’t mind paying a small fee.

2. Click on the first theme (has a price tag of “free”) and then click “Buy Now” to buy. It will open a page were you provide the domain name you want for your website and the purpose of the website

3. After you are done providing all the required information click “Next”. The next page will require your personal information such as name, email address billing information (such name, country, address and phone contact) and your preferred payment method.

4. Click “Next” after you are done. Now all that remains is to click “Order” to request your website, you then have to wait for StarWebSoft to approve your request and then you can get your website.

Additionally, you can access different website designs on the theme page (for 20$ only) and different website modules on the module page. If you feel that there some certain website qualities you require in your website that are not yet available on StarWebSoft, you can contact the StarWebSoft support and they will help you out. Now, you don’t really have an excuse for not owning a website for you business or even personal needs. Visit StarWebSoft today to become a proud website owner.

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Build a FREE website at StarWebSoft
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Kevin Pham
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