Great Church Website Design & Tips for Your Website

Great Church Website Design & Tips for Your Website

Great Church Website Design & Tips for Your Website

A great church website design is essential for connecting your church community and attracting new people. Even if you hand out printed materials at church services, members will still visit the website for the most updated event and contact information. People searching for a new church community will look for churches near them online and do some research before ever setting foot on campus. Because of this, your church website design is critical in helping people find what they need quickly and easily and in giving your community the online visibility it needs.

Some churches are hesitant to spend the money necessary to build a great website because "church web design" sounds like something extra and unnecessary. However, it is absolutely necessary if you wish to be found in search engines alongside other churches. Having an effective church website design includes more than just the times of your services on Sundays. A great design is easy to use and understand, answers the most common questions, displays beautiful imagery, engages the viewer, shows them your mission and vision, and makes them excited and proud to be part of your church community. By improving your design, you will see increased engagement from the members of your church and a larger number of new people at your services and events. The biggest and most vibrant churches have the best website designs, and you need one too if you want to stand out from the crowd.

Features of a Church Website Design

Your church website design should include these features to make sure you connect with and engage your community. But feel free to customize your website to fit your unique needs.

1. Beautiful, large images
Current website design trends use large, high resolution photos to capture the attention of viewers. Your church website should be no different. A church is a community of people, and your images should show the joy that comes with being part of your community. This means your photography must show joyful, worshipful people in order to attract new members and remind current ones why they keep coming back each week. Without great imagery, your church website design will feel cold and flat - the opposite effect you want as a church.

2. Prominent invitation to new people
Perhaps the second most important feature in your design should be a clear call to action for new people. While the website also has information for your current members, new people will always be searching for your site and must instantly feel welcome. People do not spend very much time viewing a web page, so you have a limited amount of time to capture the attention of a new person who has no loyalty to your church yet. They should immediately see where they can go for more information on how to get involved and join your church.

3. Information on groups
Speaking of getting involved, another important feature is a section for the groups your church has to offer. For many, this includes groups like middle school, high school, young adults, married couples, and more. Both your current members and new visitors will appreciate a web design that makes this information clearly available to them. While you may know everything your church has to get members involved, a large portion of your community probably has only partial knowledge. Making this easy to find is crucial because the more your members are involved, the more likely they are to stay.

4. Your beliefs
Perhaps one of the most obvious but easily overlooked features in your church website design should be your beliefs. Whether this is a type of creed or simply bullet points about what you believe, current and new members want to clearly know what you stand for. It is the fastest way to attract new people and help them see if they will fit in your church community.

5. Event calendar
Every great church website has a calendar section. This is probably the most straightforward method for current and new members to get involved. Even if they never viewed the sections on your small groups or mission statement, a calendar clearly and succinctly shows them the next time they can go to an event.

6. Give/Support page
Churches are, by nature, non-profit organizations. Relying on generous donations is extremely important, so you might as well make it as easy as possible for people to support you. An awesome church website design will include a clear call to action button for donating and supporting the community through non-monetary means as well.

7. Outreach & Services
Lastly, your website design should include a section on the outreach or services your church offers. While some people love being part of small discipleship groups, other members will feel most fulfilled by participating in an outreach or community service. These often include feeding the hungry or homeless, visiting those in prison, caring for the sick, going on mission trips to other countries, and more. This section also helps your members feel good about being part of your church community, so you should take advantage of the opportunity to include it in your website design.

Examples of Church Website Designs

StarWebSoft provides you with multiple high-quality website templates for non-profits and churches. The designs are beautiful, easy to use, and give you the framework necessary to have a unique church website design. Many of them already incorporate some features listed above.

1. WeBelieve

This template has a beautifully simple design and responsive functionality. The navigation is clean and focused, and you already have a built-in button to donate. The calendar/event module prominently displayed on the home page is perfect for a church, and the slider images at the top give you a great opportunity to invite new people to learn more, get current members involved, and share your vision and mission.

2. Charity Home

This template is for general non-profit organizations, but it would make a great church website design as well. Contact information and the donation button are clearly located at the top, and they still leave plenty of room for several navigation links and the search functionality below. The large banner image is very engaging and gives you the opportunity to display your most important message to viewers. Another great design feature is the set of three boxes below the banner, which you can fill your top three calls to action that matter most to you.

3. CharityPress

CharityPress is a library for Charity & Crowdfunding with predefined web elements which helps you to build your own site. These theme is suitable for charity, NGO, non-profit organization, donation, church or a fundraising website. CharityPress theme has a fully responsive layout. It fits perfectly on various displays and resolutions from regular desktop screens to tablets, iPads, iPhones and small mobile devices.


While you may think some of these features are obvious necessities when you're developing your unique church website design, many churches still don't have them. Just because a church is not quite the same as a regular business, it does not mean your website can't be just as beautiful. Follow these tips and take advantage of StarWebSoft's ready-made design templates - you will begin to see great results and be glad that you made the investment.

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Great Church Website Design & Tips for Your Website
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