CMS Module Introduction

StarWebSoft is a web design and hosting company, which provides hundreds of templates, themes, and modules for their users, in addition to a complete solution for website hosting and domain acquisition. On StarWebSoft, you can order a basic website based on any available template, and select additional modules to be included - such as blog system, videos, picture gallery, payment system and more.

One of these systems is the CMS, which is short for Content Management System.The Content Management System, as its name tells you, is used to manage your website's content: create new pages, edit and format the content of existing pages, and modify how these pages look in general (based on the theme you chose when setting up the website).

StarWebSoft's CMS is very user-friendly, because it features an easy to understand visual editor. It works similarly to other Content Management Systems, but it is easier and more visual, you can select template file for every page also. In addition to this, the CMS supports multi-language websites, so it is easy to create copies of existing pages for the purpose of translation, be it manual or machine-assisted translation. This way, the website you build can effortlessly have multiple languages for international visitors.

This Content Management System is a free part of any Basic plan, so every user of StarWebSoft can utilize this module to manage and develop the content of their website. With the ease of use, quick theme picks and the support for multiple languages, this CMS is one of the best choices for the average user, as it does not require any difficult installs or setup, unlike other Content Management Systems which often need to be manually installed and themed.