11 Best Gaming Keyboards Review 2016-2017

11 Best Gaming Keyboards Review 2016-2017

11 Best Gaming Keyboards Review 2016-2017

Gamers need extemporized everything from extra illustrations to gaming consoles to crazy joysticks. That is the reason I chose to make a rundown of Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards 2016.

Among the extensive rundown of essentials, you can't disregard gaming consoles. At the point when playing for extend periods of time, you can't resist the urge to value the additional level of solace it makes. Finest and smooth gaming background are ensured alongside it. Easy play even in extensive gaming spans is a genuine prospect.

You're gaming set up would stay unremarkable until the standard console hasn't been supplanted by a gaming console as of now.

Best Gaming Keyboards 2016

In the event that I was out there to purchase a Gaming Keyboard, it would be Corsair K70.

After consistent research and testing it actually, I at last picked this one to be the best console for gamers to purchase in 2016. I am more than beyond any doubt that you are excited to know the reasons, that why I had picked the Corsair K70, as the best gaming console 2016? Isn't that so?

Let me clear it for you.

Above all else, I looked into for the most trusted gaming console brand among Facebook gaming bunches, Gaming Platoons and on discussions.

(Found that Corsair is the #1 Gaming Keyboard Manufacturer).

I inquired about for the Gaming Keyboards with the best appraising on Amazon. I read the client surveys and had a nearby look on Customer's fulfillment and what really the item is putting forth. I discovered this model (K70), as the best evaluated and most bought console on Amazon.

I request that the Manufacturer send me a console temporarily to audit it, and I will incorporate a "Purchase Now" interface back to your item in my article.

I discovered Corsair Keyboards (K70 and Latest K95) recorded at the top on a portion of the popular tech online journals out there including TomsGuide.

Contrasts in Different Keyboard Models

(Mechanical versus Membrane)

Film Keyboard versus Mechanical Keyboard

Film Keyboard – Image from Wikipedia

Diverse console models incorporate an alternate arrangement of components. The main thing that continues through to the end is each gaming console would bring loads of extemporized alternatives.

The essential separation in gaming consoles ought to be the make of keys. The two classifications in such manner are mechanical and layer based consoles. Layer based consoles create signals upon touch, with the assistance of conductive plastic. Though mechanical based consoles use physical switches, which works far superior.

Picking between the two would be an exemplary case of cost versus quality situation.

Low-Quality Keyboards are worth Crap

poo keyboardGaming consoles are intended to make your gaming more charming. By the by not each gaming watchword is ensured to better the vibe and recreation.

Just a couple of modest bunch of gaming console models gets fabricated each year.

From brands to sort to model, nature of gaming consoles fluctuates generally. The expansive extent as to quality would mean there is a modest arrangement of hardware staying there at the lower end of the range. Making a buy of such gaming part would just make more uneasiness.

That is precisely why we have incorporated the rundown of best consoles for gamers.

Shaver Name Weight Dry Nature
Corsair Vengeance K70 RGB Gaming Keyboards 200 grams No No
Coolermaster Storm Quickfire TK – Clean and Minimal Gaming Keyboards 225 grams Yes Yes
Razer BlackWidow Chroma – Top Sold Gaming Keyboards 180 grams Yes No
Tesoro Excalibur G7NL – Standard yet Strong 1 pound Yes Yes
CM Storm QuickFire Rapid-i – Minimalistic Design 200 grams Yes No
Logitech G910 Orion Spark 226 grams No Yes
SteelSeries Apex M800 – Best ergonomic console 2016 175 grams Yes No
Razer DeathStalker Ultimate – For Gamers Only 200 grams Yes Yes
Frantic Catz STRIKE TE – Sturdy Designed Keyboard 200 grams No No
ROCCAT RYOS MK Pro – Best Budget Gaming Keyboard 180 grams Yes Yes

1. Corsair Vengeance K70 RGB Gaming Keyboards

Corsair K70 Review

The antecedents of K70 delighted in all the thankfulness for their straightforwardness. The most recent model would be worth more for extra elements and incredible programming end. Amongst all components, its outline would make an impression straight away.

NOTE: I didn't find the opportunity to attempt the most recent Corsair K95 RGB, that is the reason I did exclude it in my main 10 list. Notwithstanding, I trust that K95 have a considerable measure of potential when contrasted with K70.

Impeccable SuccessorExciting AdditionsSuper ErgonomicExtra Cushion

K70 has effectively been the calculated successor of K60. Despite the fact that it doesn't have every one of the components of K60 or K70 MX red, regardless it has the vast majority of it. Relatively few consoles fit their charging along lines of succeeding the arrangement.

Furthermore attractive is K70 accomplishes more than simply being a successor. It packs more components and looks crisp with full lit LED keys. Some additional components and feel are contained in the outline.

gaming keyboards

  1. Geniuses
  2. Delightful Colored Backlighting
  3. Smooth and Minimal Design
  4. Extraordinary Build Quality
  5. Wrist Rest Included
  6. Cons
  7. Confounded Software
  8. Costly Keyboard
  9. Our Final Verdict

K70 effectively accomplishes including feel great component, which is frequently overlooked by producers. K70 doesn't brag a progressive outline.

The outline is something, where the brand has made fantastic changes to address the inadequacy of antecedents. This console ensures all-round satisfaction beginning from being a 100% motorized gadget. Corsair in all include would be the primary the rundown.

2. Coolermaster Storm Quickfire TK – Clean and Minimal Gaming Keyboards

Storm Quickfire TK Review

Coolermaster has stuffed gaming console and mouse together for commonly profiting upsells. The configuration is relied upon to be fundamental at first look.

It's one of the best mechanical consoles from Coolermaster. You have alternatives to pick both fractional and in addition complete light. Surveying rate can be lower than 1ms. Three switch modes are accessible – Cherry MX Blue, Brown and Red.

The model has a reduced measurement of 14.9×5.4×1.3 inches. Six feet link joins the gadget to give you that additional piece of portability.


Windows lock disposes of the instance of incidentally leaving an amusement.

The conservative measurements make it a convenient console on the work area.

Cherry MX keys take it to an alternate class.

The numerical cushion is a valuable consideration to the strong board.

Three backdrop illumination modes alongside five brilliance levels make it feel charming in the eye.


Numerical keypad takes a while to get used to.

The nonattendance of large scale keys presents a hard test.

Last Verdict

FPS gamers will be enchanted with this one. Its minimization runs as an inseparable unit with strength, which would demonstrate too useful for gaming.

The console gloats a canny framework fit for diminishing its size without losing keys. Controllable light and programmable mouse make the item powerful. You might be compelled to arrange a wrist rest, yet that shouldn't come as a huge disadvantage,

3. Razer BlackWidow Chroma – Top Sold Gaming Keyboards

Razer Blackwidow Chroma Review

The Razer BlackWidow Chroma is the best Gaming console 2016 as per our perspectives and figured out how to assume the third position in our article.

This console is not that much incredible with regards to fabricated quality however every model do have a few defects. Its all plastic. In the meantime, it has a great deal of elements that make it an astounding item and suitable choice.

The most energizing elements in this console are that you can alter the shading blend to your taste. The console do have large scale keys, usb go through and sound go through. Its kinda costly when contrasted with others yet with low constructed quality. It is wanted to those gamers who esteem style with gaming.

  • Geniuses
  • Agreeable and Programmable Keys
  • Simple to utilize and Powerful Customization Software
  • Beautiful Illumination
  • Simple and Comfortable Typing Experience
  • Cons
  • Manufacture Quality isn't that much extraordinary (Shame it's all plastic)
  • Less Key Travel
  • Costly when contrasted with different models in our Lineup
  • Keep going words on Razer Blackwidow Chroma
  • Probably Razer Chroma is one of the finest Gaming console out there.

Full scale keys are accessible. Agreeable and programmable keys are there. The product is simple when contrasted with its rival Corsair K70 RGB. It additionally has USB and Audio Pass-through.

The main thing I didn't care for in Razer chroma is it all plastic. What a disgrace! This console is truly costly but then accompanies plastic body.

Purchase Razer Blackwidow Chroma now from Amazon

4. Tesoro Excalibur G7NL – Standard yet Strong

Tesoro Excalibur G7NL Review

Appearance or outline is not Excalibur's solid suite. You don't get polished completions and gaudy plans with this one. Its outline can be depicted as standard, best case scenario. You would know why this happens to be one of the Best Gaming Keyboards 2016 rundown, in the wake of understanding this survey.

Best FeaturesMultiple ModesReasonable for Gaming

Firstly, G7nl doesn't have missed keys, because of N-Key rollover. Three switches are accessible Red, Blue, and Brown. Its gaming grade motorized keys represent 60 million key incitations. Rubber treated base going about as hostile to slip quantify helps great gaming background. It packs 512kB locally available macros memory.

Few Hiccups in Design

Modifying G7nl on the work area can be very testing. The littler legs, it utilizes for bolster folds back rapidly. For example, when you advance the console or in reverse, they overlay back undesirably. This alteration issue could mean a diversion of couple of critical seconds in gaming.

  1. Masters
  2. Macros Supported
  3. Exceptionally Cheap when contrasted with others in our Lineup
  4. Illuminated
  5. Fabricated Quality is Good
  6. Moderate and Standard Design
  7. Cons
  8. Fabricate Quality isn't that much incredible
  9. USB Pass-through ports are absent
  10. Last Verdict

Tesoro Excalibur has the standard, however perfectly built mechanical console. It includes many helpful components, for example, macros, amusement mode, media keys and backdrop illumination to a well known format. With no uncertainty, you ought to make a buy on the off chance that you discovered it at a decent cost.

Purchase Tesoro Excalibur G7NL now from Amazon

5. CM Storm QuickFire Rapid-i – Minimalistic Design

CM Storm QuickFire Rapid-i Review

Singular backdrop illumination would most likely be the primary element you would take note. Extra macros alternatives are great, and it feels minimum scaring even to the clumpy gamer. They have made it conceivable with the assistance of standard console plan.

MinimalisticLimited FeaturesNo Software

It's a motorized console fitted with Cherry MX mechanical switches. The outline feels acquainted with conventional ten catch numeric cushion. You got perfect shading alternatives in Cherry MX, Red, Brown, Blue and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Despite the fact that being moderate this configuration helps Quickfire to be one of the best console accessible in the business sector.

  • Geniuses
  • Productive Design
  • Smooth Typing
  • No Software Required
  • Numerous Lighting Modes
  • Cons
  • Numeric Pad missing
  • No Macro Keys
  • Backdrop illumination Color Options missing
  • Last Verdict

The CM Storm Quickfire Rapid-i is capable and littler mechanical gaming console with a considerable measure of fascinating components. Most essential thing is that you don't require any additional product to utilize the console like other gaming consoles in our rundown.

All things considered, thre are no full scale keys and numeric cushion is additionally absent and that is the main reason that this console is littler and travel agreeable.

Purchase CM Storm QuickFire Rapid-i now from Amazon

6. Logitech G910 Orion Spark

Logitech G910 Orion Spark Review

Motorized keys in addition to altered macros are what makes Orion Spark selective. The present console would leave even the Logitech fans in shock with all its bizarre additional items. From lighting to programmable components, you can change every single detail. This is the main Logitech's gadget to be positioned in our Best Keyboards for gamers list.

DesignSoftware SupportPerformance

The configuration is quite standard like some other gaming console. From full design to mechanical changes to programmable macros, you have it all. G910 carries on exceptionally conventional through its full QWERTY console, worked in media controls, mode switches, ten key num cushion, and so on..

The console just has a solitary USB port instead of a USB go through.

  • Stars
  • Exceptional Keycap Design assumes an imperative Role in Gaming
  • Macros Keys are accessible
  • Awesome Software Support (Offers Customization, Lighting Controls, and Stats Tracking)
  • Wrist Rest
  • Cons
  • No Key Tap Sound
  • Costly
  • Awry keys are bad for Non-Gamer User.
  • Last Words

Bad-to-the-bone gamers can't be more inspired with the level of customization on offer. It's a topsy-turvy console, so it doesn't serve well outside gaming. Programming side customizations and lighting controls make it an emerge model from the pack. Swappable wrist rest is a reward to its as of now advanced ergonomic remainder.

Purchase Logitech G910 Orion Spark now from Amazon

7. SteelSeries Apex M800 – Best ergonomic console 2016

SteelSeries Apex M800 Review

Steelseries makes a lot of customization accessible to gamers. Alongside the style, it serves well through genuine innovation. Some may call it extreme decision amongst the best gaming consoles 2016 however it's too soon to say it.

Ergonomic outline isn't the principal consider that urges you to purchase this model. The light is, truth be told, its best element. It offers a plenty of enlightenment blend through 16.8 million conceivable hues. You are allowed to characterize your custom lighting plan. For example, make a couple keys red and few green in a state of harmony with advancement in the amusement. You can kill light for all keys aside from one.

Your creative ability is the point of confinement to the measure of stages conceivable.

Key SpecifiesWOW Factor

What you have to think about firstly is the console's double processor. The processor works solely to enlist key presses, with its prime spotlight on abstaining from ghosting issues. Enlisting 256 keys squeezed on the double is a genuine prospect.

  1. Aces
  2. USB Pass-through
  3. Simple to Use Software
  4. Excellent Backlighting
  5. Cons
  6. Poor Built Quality (All Plastic)
  7. Extremely costly
  8. Expansive in Size when contrasted with others
  9. Not a decent choice for Non-Gamer (Worst Typing Experience)
  10. Last Verdict

This is the one of the go-to consoles for in-your-face gamers. The powerhouse impact it produces coordinates overwhelming gaming and capable pcs. The quick input spares your day each time you require it. Custom lit keys take customization remainder to entire new level.

Purchase SteelSeries Apex M800 now from Amazon

8. Razer DeathStalker Ultimate – For Gamers Only

Razer DeathStalker Ultimate Review

A LCD board supplanting standard number cushion is the highlight of Razer Deathstalker Ultimate. The greatest grievance is it's expensive. In any case, the costly console model can fix everything with modified evaluating in the last 50% of this current year. In this manner, the Razer DeathStalker Ultimate is a genuine contender for this rundown.

This console is just for gamers. It truly sucks with regards to writing or doing whatever other occupation.

SwitchBlade User InterfaceGamers First, Gaming Next

Without a doubt SwitchBlade, DeathStalker's UI is the champion element in this console.

The keys are set to do regular assignments like signing into Twitter, propelling a number cruncher and so on. The choices we said, exists as a matter of course. By the by, you can do significantly more with Synapse administration programming.

  1. Experts
  2. Switchblade (Touch screen board)
  3. Customizable Multicolor Backlight
  4. Awesome Build Quality
  5. Razer Synapse 2.0
  6. Snazzy Design
  7. Cons
  8. Just for Gamers (A major No for others)
  9. Most exceedingly terrible Typing Experience
  10. Common Keys
  11. Extremely costly (The most costly console in our rundown)
  12. Wrapping it up

Ten programming LED keys and an exquisite LCD touchscreen totals up the marvelousness of Razer DeathStalker Ultimate. Be that as it may, the SwitchBlade interface appears to baffle gamers in reasonableness angle.

Signing into online networking account in a single tick shouldn't give a tremendous edge as well.

The Razer DeathStalker Ultimate ought to be your decision on the off chance that you pay consideration on the console as much as you do with the screen.

Purchase Razer DeathStalker Ultimate now from Amazon

9. Frantic Catz STRIKE TE – Sturdy Designed Keyboard

Frantic Catz STRIKE TE Review

This is the primary Mad Catz console to highlight automated keys. TE or Tournament Edition use Kailh Brown switches rather than Cherry MX. Quicker and perfect keystrokes roll out it a positive improvement.

Tough DesignGood Gaming Option

Frantic Catz fans love the brand for strong development on all things of its list.

This console feels strong when you lift it up. It doesn't flex or twist much when put under a magnifying glass. Substantial obligation plastic matte adds more durability to the savvy plan. Without hinting at tear or scratches, it can take up some misuse.

The main short is, the Kailh Brown changes doesn't permit to shape console as indicated by your inclinations.


Adaptable Keyboard

Programable Macros Keys

Great Built Quality

Mechanical Key Switches



Swarmed Macro Keys

Constrained Customization Software

Last Verdict

On the back of modern customization programming, this mechanical console is unquestionably the ninth best in our rundown.

Despite the fact that the product side of the item feels constrained, its strength compensates for it. It's a sturdy console adaptable to each undertaking you can consider. It can manage writing and gaming, as one.

Awesome backdrop illumination and Kailh Brown switches make it an alternate item in this class.

Purchase Mad Catz STRIKE TE now from Amazon

10. ROCCAT RYOS MK Pro – Best Budget Gaming Keyboard


It falls into the moderate class, without a lot of an extraordinary outline. The console is expected to be the best spending gaming console in the business sector. By and by, this is by a long shot best mechanical console 2016 originating from RYOS arrangement.

Why Roccat Ryos MK Pro?

Roccat Ryos MK Pro is the initially automated console originating from the presumed brand, Roccat. Accessibility of four key switch modes makes it a convincing purchase. Independently illuminated keys reinforce the appearance general.

Excessively numerous programmable alternatives are available in this model. Worked in USB and sound associations increases the value of an as of now exceeding expectations model.

Few ShortcomingsDesignFeatures

The backdrop illumination cabinet appears to be verging on void, notwithstanding the main choice. Blue is your unrivaled decision for the backdrop illumination. Wrist rest is exorbitantly cumbersome, making bolster feels ungainly. To aggravate matters, wrist rest can't be evacuated.


Sound and USB Pass-through

A considerable measure of Programmable Options

Exclusively illuminated keys


No various hues backdrop illumination (Only Blue)

Wrist rest is altered, can't be expelled.

Last Words on this model

This is the primary mechanical console from Roccat. With no uncertainty, this model packs an excessive number of elements to work with.

The deficiencies and confinements are not very many.

Without excessively numerous blemishes, this console effortlessly positions from an optimistic standpoint Gaming Keyboards 2016.

Purchase ROCCAT RYOS MK Pro now from Amazon

Parameters I esteemed while making our Top 10 Gaming Keyboards List

We have gathered the rundown, considering surveys, encounters and trust in brand.

Trusted surveys are accessible in bounty in this online networking time.

Rumored tech magazines painstakingly watch fresh introductions and audit them completely like PCMag and Cnet.

Client experience ought to essentially be your firsthand data you ought to turn upward to, before purchasing any item. A few brands simply don't neglect to rehash making stunning items over and over like Apple.

11. Razer Orbweaver Gaming Keypad – Worth a notice

Razer Orbweaver Gaming Keypad Review

This is not a console but rather justified regardless of a notice here in this main 10 gaming consoles article. The gadget is called as gaming keypad, and that ought to differentiate.

This is your mouse, console, and joystick, all came in one.

Gaming Keypads versus Gaming Keyboards

Keypads take it to an alternate level with one hand gaming activity. One hand gaming means super-quick and advantageous gaming. There aren't any genuine constraints when you get used to keypads.

As a gamer, you can value the diverse feel connected with gaming keypad rather a console.

Why Razer Orbweaver?

Orbweaver showcases 30 completely programmable keys accessible for hotkeys, macros, and so forth…

An eight directional thumbpad that has a double part in being modifiable key makes it so adaptable. You can scarcely discover backdrop illumination superior to anything this somewhere else. The mechanical switches would mean astounding input, incitation and an unfathomable exhibit of reset focuses.

Outline and FeaturesPerformance

Measurements liken to 2.2 x 6.1 x 8.0 inches in addition to a 72 creep long USB link.

It takes significantly less space on the work area than consoles and different keypads. Higher palm rest in Orbweaver offers better backing for gamers. You can make a million conformity to three essential parts – keypad including 20 programmable catches, two piece wrist rest, and thumb module.

The physical adjustment is expected to support wrist and palm in an agreeable position.

Wrapping it up

When you change to Razer Orbweaver, you are in all likelihood rolling out an irreversible improvement. When you are utilized to it, controls must feel helpful than the standard console. In the event that you like it at first look, this ought to worth each penny spent.

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