How much does a Website cost at StarWebSoft?

Dream of owning your own content rich, multimedia enhanced modern website? Now it's easier than ever to claim your own little piece of the world wide web! With StarWebSoft, anybody can create and maintain a unique website, that too with just a few clicks - it's too easy to resist. It comes at an amazing bargain price, too.

StarWebSoft offers web design solutions for all kinds of people, from internet newcomers to established users. To get started, all you need to do is head over to, and click on the 'Start Now' button. Here, you can choose from any of the pre-designed templates, or contact the in-house web designers for your own personal solution. There are literally no boundaries to what you can do with your website!

Keeping newcomers in mind, a free template is available, but more elegant and customized solutions are available for as low as 20$. Once you've chosen the layout that suits your needs, there is an efficient 4 step process to follow. You can confirm details such as the layout you've chosen, and the amount you've to pay on the first page. More importantly, you can also chose the name of your website - whether as a subdomain of, or as an individual domain. Either way, the price stays the same. For just 20$, you can have it set up and ready in minutes!

Proceed to sign up at the website, where you'll be asked for a few details which are necessary for billing and accounting. Currently the only supported payment option is PayPal, but because of it's wide reach, PayPal caters to most of the internet fraternity. If you're familiar with the payment system here, it should be hassle free, and you can have your template based domain in a matter of minutes.

If you don't fancy the available templates, you can request the designers to fabricate one according to your needs. The additional price comes with the promise of a custom-made website, which works exactly as per your requirements. Convenience and intuitiveness are the main advantages to this feature.
If you already own a website, StarWebSoft offers some useful services. You can freely access pre-built modules such as sliders and website managers to enhance your website. Also, you can request the designers to create the module you need, for a price based on the module complexity.