Making Money by designing Theme and Module

StarWebSoft is web design and hosting company, which provides hundreds of templates, themes, and modules for their users, in addition to a complete solution for website hosting and domain acquisition. Customers of StarWebSoft can order complete website packages with various themes and select additional modules to be included - such as blog system, videos, picture gallery, payment system and more.

These additional themes and systems can come from all kinds of developers from around the globe. This can even be you, if you are an expert in the PHP, HTML and CSS languages or web design, and you want to make money.The reason for this is that on StarWebSoft, developers and designers can edit and create new themes based on the company's own PHP framework.These are then sold for extra money.

Some of the default, free modules include Settings, Languages, CMS, Blog system, Gallery and several others. Themes and modules created by outside programmers and designers cost extra for the user, which is mostly 20 USD per theme or module. If you have a good idea on what kinds of extra functionality or themes customers of StarWebSoft want, you can earn a share of profits if you code a new module or design a new theme for them.

The process for designing and marketing these new themes and functionalities are pretty simple. Users and admins of StarWebSoft can put up job listings and requests in the "Find Jobs" menu, where programmers can find specific requests for new themes and functions. Programmers can also create them from scratch and submit them for approval. If this process is successful, the developer earns a bonus price right after their code was approved. After this point, they will earn 50% of all sales on their themes and modules.

So in closing, StarWebSoft provides a nice opportunity for good web designers and developers to make money by using their programming skills.