Great Medical Website Design Tips for Your Website

Great Medical Website Design Tips for Your Website

Great Medical Website Design Tips for Your Website

Without perfect execution and proper planning, your medical website may not be at a position to perform its duties as envisioned. In the current world plagued by the internet, there is an abundance of information. For most or technically all people we want a website with credible information, more so when it comes to the medical world and ignore the rest. This is precisely true for all patients who are looking for a doctor or clinical services online. In fact, research indicates that 80 percent of all internet users are looking for health related information while 44 percent of these people are looking for health professionals and doctors. Therefore it is very important to ensure that your website is appealing enough to attract and retain traffic.

Nobody wants to visit a medical website that can’t be trusted. You may be offering very unique services, but fail to attract patients because of the outlook of your website. Having said all that, what does it take to build an appealing medical website? The question is not that easy to answer. It takes a lot of factors and effort to design and build a site that will have the authority of credibility and trust among your users. Below, I have outlined some of the most basic inputs you should consider incorporating in your medical website to ensure that internet users and potential clients are attracted

Basically, when a person visits a medical clinic website design there are three things they are looking for, which are:

  • To feel in total control of the whole experience
  • To find the information they are looking for
  • To see if they can trust your services

Having this information in mind I have presented you with several essentials you have to incorporate to build an engaging and attractive website. Having these features on your medical website will improve the experience that the visitor or the patient experiences. Research has indicated that traditional websites are no very attractive because they are not interactive. In fact, studies show that they have very little traffic. On the contrary, modern websites provide a more interactive platform where patients and all visitors have the chance to interact.

What is the purpose of the website?
Take time and precisely define what the purpose of the medical website is. Having a clear picture of the intended purpose will help you design a site that will bring back instant results. You will be at a position to develop digital assets that are designed towards achieving your goals. Once refining the purpose of your site you will build tools that are geared towards your goals.

Who are your audience?
Once defining the purpose of your site, you will be at a position to come up with products that are tailor made for your specific clients. Before customizing the products, you have to have a clear picture of your target audience. Potential clients are basically made of your prospective patients and the current ones. The simplest way to come up with custom made products is to observe and document the characteristics of your patients. What do they really need? Where are they currently living? Or even how old are they. Before coming up with a medical website you must personify your current and prospective clients.

What module you must have in medical clinic website?

Patient forms
For a moment, consider yourself a patient visiting a medical website. Obviously, you would be frustrated if you found no printable forms on the website. As a serious medical personnel or cooperation you should seriously consider having downloadable and printable forms. Ensure that patients can access all other important forms before they are arriving at the office. By so doing, you will build trust and credibility consequently attracting more clients and traffic to your website. It would even be very appealing to create a “new patient” where all forms required by new patients can be found.

News and updates
We are living in an evolving world where information is changing is changing hour by hour. It doesn’t make sense to retain a post that has already become irrelevant. If you were a patient and you visit a website and find very irrelevant information. You will probably never visit that website. This applies to your medical website. Ensure that your website is updated with the most recent news and updates. This will help your online readers build confidence in your services and also make them comfortable that the doctor who is going to serve them is very well aware of the most current trends in the field of medicine. This is also going to be of great help when it comes to Google rankings. Higher rankings ensure that your website occurs more often of medical related searches.

Contact information
Basically, when I visit a medical website I’m looking to contact a doctor one way or another.  Who would trust a website where there are no contacts for the said services? As a medical website owner, you would also never trust one like this. Therefore it is very critical to display the contact information prominently on the homepage. It would also be very advisable to include a Google maps plug-in which gives the directions of the location of your premises or hospital. By so doing you will have more clients who can for once trust your services. This creates the impression that you are very confident of the services you offer. It creates the impression that you are not a leave by night goon who is looking to steal money from clients and disappear the next day.

Patient resources
When I began writing about what you should consider incorporating in your website, I talked about patient forms which should be a very serious consideration. However, including forms is not just enough to ensure that your website is more appealing than others. Giving your patients information on various popular health topics which are linked or backed to credible sources. Such information will ensure that your clients get day to day updates. Consequently this will ensure that that the patients follow your blog for daily updates. This help build a notion of trust both for your website and services. What can be better than a business having loyal customers?

Provide insurances, payment options and other services
After building a credible reputation online, you might also want to provide other services such as insurance policies. It would also be a very good idea to incorporate online payment methods where clients can purchase and pay for services at a go. If clients want to pay for drugs, let them buy them online and have a system that facilitates for the delivery. When you avail this information, ensure that it is visible to all clients who visit the site. If you do not for instance take cash, let the patients be aware in advance to avoid inconveniences when they visit your clinic. In simple be clears on the services that you are going to be offering.

Ensure that the website is mobile friendly
The world has changed and is going on to change. The World Wide Web has shifted its attention from computers to mobile phones. For instance, Google states that in less than 10 years time almost everybody in the world is going to own a phone. Who does not move around with their phones?  Nevertheless, computers are not that portable. Google also says that more than 80 percent of searches occur from phones. Therefore ensure that your website is designed to also be viewable to mobile phone browsers. It should also be every easy to navigate using the website.

Ensure that you have social media plug-in and links
In the last decade social media has taken the world by stem. More than 50 percent of the people in the worlds have a social media account. Therefore it is very important to ensure that your medical website is linked to all the major social media sites. Clearly display the links to these sites so that potential clients and customers can link with you

Incorporate responsive themes for your website
We are finally in 2016; therefore you have to design a web that can work on mobile devices. The website should be built in a way that it can format easily on any platform. It should not what platforms you’re your patients are coming from, they should be able to access the website.

Offer booking and appointment online
If your website is online for 24 hours, it means that you can still bring in more clients long after working hours are over. Make your website more convenient for patients to book appointments online and also for other services.

Showcase testimonials
If there is something a patients wants to be sure of, is if they can trust. Trust is the number one driver of action. Nothing can be more compelling than positive testimonials from other patients. Whether the testimonial is in video or text, let potential clients see it. The testimonial might sound cliché but you should understand that a positive review regardless of how it is speaks volumes for your brand.

Great medical clinic website template

As the development of websites keep evolving day by day, there has come to be two types of websites and blogs. Namely, those that use themes and the ones that doesn’t.  If you are not going to be using a theme for your medical website, it means that you will have to build your website from scratch which can be very expensive and yet not very effective. Websites that use themes record more traffic since the themes can be customized to meet your specific needs. Hospitals or medical practitioners who prefer to use themes have the advantage of getting an already designed theme will full functionality.

Selecting a theme that is going to fit for your medical website might be a very daunting task. There are several themes that exist out there but not all of them can fit your medical website. If you go ahead and choose a theme that is dull and not user friendly, it might backfire on you by discouraging potential clients and visitors. A theme is not just a theme. Below I have outlined some of the best themes that will perfectly fir for you medical websites

Medicure is a responsive one page theme that uses HTML5 as the marking language. The template has a clean look with the basic modern features you can use for Medical, Hospital, Dental and Clinic.


TONREX is a one page multi-purpose theme which was developed based on Bootstrap 3 framework. It is designed with the essential elements of modern web design technology and is made specially for creative people, content writers, agencies, photographers, etc.


TRESON suitable for one page apps and agencies, Treson is an elegant one page responsive HTML template designed to be easily customised and has a stylish modern appearance. It can be also used by freelancers, start ups, digital agencies, software and other businesses that need its' kind of style. A major feature of Treson is the inclusion of 3 landing pages with completely different functionalities.

PLUTUS is one of the best multi-purpose one page template with an all in one landing page. It is regarded as a very good option for launching applications and awesome web projects. It has a design based on Bootstrap and is compatible with any device.




The good thing is, after you have implemented these tips and tricks you will have done wonders to attract more organic traffic to your site. Never shy away from giving your clients all the information they will require. Guide your website users all though so that they can have a good experience with your website. A good experience will ensure that they share the information with friends and family. This way, you will have more and more people visiting your website and convert them into clients and customers.

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Great Medical Website Design Tips for Your Website
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