Great Photography Website Templates & Tips for Your Website

Great Photography Website Templates & Tips for Your Website

Great Photography Website Templates & Tips for Your Website

Every photographer must have a portfolio where they can showcase their excellent photography skills. A photography website serves as a platform where photographers display photographs that they have taken with the goal of marketing their services. In other words, photography sites are content-driven websites whose primary content is imagery. An excellent photography website is one that exploits the power of a good visual. In most cases, what people see determines how they interpret it and what actions they take after observing and interpreting what they see.

Photographers use websites to promote and sell their services. Therefore, photography sites ought to have an excellent visual appeal and efficient functionality so as to engage and entice users. Considerable attention to a website's functionality and visual appeal is very essential. Before hiring a website designer, you must be able to tell whether he or she knows the essentials of a good photography website. The same goes for website design agencies.

Functionality Photography Website Design

Easy to use
The first and most important aspect of a photography website design are the ease associated with using such a website. The "easy to use" element applies to both the administrative user and the visitors whereby administrators should find it easy to update and manipulate content and visitors do not find it complicated to browse through the website's content. To create an easy to use website, the designer must use a minimalistic design approach when constructing the website. There should be no unnecessary clutter or effects on the website. A minimalistic design looks neat and light, and because a minimalistic website is lighter than a complicated and cluttered website, images load much faster. A website where images take too long to load irritates visitors, and this results in a high bounce rate where visitors leave the website and a loss of potential clients occurs. A minimalistic design puts emphasis on the use of simple elements, effects, buttons, and colors.

Awesome slider
Using features such as image sliders make the website look dynamic and less cluttered. It is important to include relevant and unique images on the image slider. Also, limiting the number of images on the slider to five or seven at maximum helps to ensure that the image slider does not overload. Ajax scrolling, parallax scrolling, and image autoloading features assist in managing how visitors scroll through grouped images.

Responsive photography website
Responsiveness is also a vital part of a photography website design. A responsive photography website is one which works efficiently across all browsing devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

High-resolution images
Using high-resolution images is a starting point when it comes to making a beautiful photography website. It does not matter whether the website is a food photography, wedding photography, or any other type of photography website, the image quality should be given priority when deciding which picture to use on a photography website.

Contrast of website
The other element of a photography website design that has an impact on the website's visual appeal is contrast. There should be enough contrast between images and website elements such as text and clickable tools. For example, a thin and light font should not be used with a picture with light colors. It is too depressing to read text that one cannot clearly see. Text and buttons placement should be such that it does not block essential portions of images on the website.

Professional designers of StarWebSoft work together to provide customers with the best quality services in photography website design. At StarWebSoft you get a custom photography website design that has both excellent functionality and aesthetics. Here is some examples of photography website design:

Etudes – Premium Photo Theme

A minimalist responsive HTML photography theme specifically crafted to showcase your works in a way that doesn’t detract from the actual imagery. This gorgeous design is the perfect solution either for an expert doing photography for living or an enthusiast doing it just for fun.

PhotoTravel - Premium Photo Theme

PhotoTravel is a premium Bootstrap theme crafted for travelers and photographers with love and care. The theme provides great options to arrange the photos from your trip and showcase your talent at it’s best.


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Great Photography Website Templates & Tips for Your Website
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