6 Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Cleaners Review 2016-2017

6 Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Cleaners Review 2016-2017

6 Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Cleaners Review 2016-2017

As someone who owns a swimming or one who is tasked with cleaning pools, you must probably know how hard the pool cleaning process is. The entire process is time consuming and costs you hours which you could spend on other activities. Fortunately enough, we have automatic swimming pool cleaners which make the process of cleaning pools easy and effortless. Here at our website, we have a wealth of information on various kinds of automated swimming pool cleaners. You will find pool cleaners which suit your cleaning needs and also get to know what you should look out for when buying a pool cleaner.

There are various kinds of pool cleaners available in the market. You can compare these and then make a choice among them. Just like in most cases, not all the pools here are of the same quality and value. Some of the pools are of a higher quality and are more popular in comparison to the others. Below is a table I have made to highlight some of the automated swimming pool cleaners which in my opinion I consider to be the best. If you would like to find out more about best cleaners for swimming pools, just click on our page of recommended pools cleaners and you'll get additional information that I've included on pool cleaners.


Cleaning pools without using cleaners is both involving and boring. In addition to that, you will require to have other equipment to be able to effectively clean your pool. Cleaning a pool thoroughly requires more than just a single item. This consequently increases the cost of cleaning a swimming pool. Looking at the cost factor, everything you spend on cleaning your pool almost equals the cost of buying a typical pool cleaner.

I have also done reviews on pool cleaners. If you may want to find out more about a given model or kind of swimming pool cleaner, just scan the website or head directly to the reviews section. Find helpful information about pool cleaning below.

What to look out for when choosing a cleaner your swimming pool

There are certain important factors which you should consider before choosing a pool cleaner. These factors are as described below:

  • Your first consideration should be your swimming pool's size. The larger your pool is, the more sophisticated and high quality cleaner it requires.
  • The second factor you should take into consideration is the cleaner's quality. I advise you to always go for a cleaner whose quality is high. You may be wondering why I make such a recommendation. It's simply because a high quality swimming pool cleaner will ensure that your pool is clean and in a good condition at all times. Another key reason why you should go for a cleaner whose quality is high is because it will help you save money in the long run. A low quality will quickly wear out and you will need to spend more money to replace it with another cleaner. A better quality pool cleaner on the other hand can function well and be in a good condition for a long time. It is therefore better to always go for a pool cleaner which is high in quality.
  • The third consideration should be the ease of setting up the cleaner as well as its accessories. Granted, we all wish to spend as minimal time as possible setting up the entire cleaning devices. We wish for the entire process to be less complex and less demanding. Because of this, we should consider the ease of setting up the swimming pool cleaner as well as any additional apparatus it may require in order to function well.
  • The next consideration should be the price of the pool. You should keep in mind that a pool cleaner's price determines its quality. The higher the cost of a cleaner, the better it is in regards to quality. Remember the popular saying: what you pay for is what you get. This saying turns out to be true in most cases.
  • Another consideration when buying a pool cleaner should be the kind of warranty it has. Most people usually don't pay much attention to this but I think it should be a key consideration whenever you are choosing a cleaner. A warranty comes in handy in case the machine stops functioning. In case your machine doesn't have a warranty or the period of warranty it has is very little, you will have spend money on a new one. This isn't so good, is it? An ideal machine should have at least a one year warranty. It is even better if it has more than that. The issue of price again comes in here. The quality and warranty of a pool cleaning machine has a connection to its price. The better pool cleaner you go for is in terms of quality, the longer the warranty it comes with.
  • In addition to everything, you should know the kind of cleaner you want. There are three main kinds of swimming pool cleaners. I have discussed them below.

Three kinds of pool cleaners

There are three different kinds of swimming pool cleaners. I will give you a summary on how each of them differs from the rest. If you would like to access in-depth information about them then you should visit their respective pages.

Pressure pool cleaners

Pressure pool cleanersThe pressure kind of pool cleaners were initially being used for cleaning pools with pressure type of side ports. This has since changed. These cleaners are nowadays mostly being used with pools with suction type of side ports. The pool cleaners work through a pressure mechanism. They utilize the pressure that is exerted by the swimming pool water. When water is returned to the pool under pressure, it sweeps all the debris and dirt in the main system of the swimming pool. Some of the accumulated debris get collected straight into the bag which comes attached to the pool cleaner. This mechanism serves to reduce the amount of damage that occurs on the filter of the pool and the pump as well. Pressure pool cleaners are ideal for pools with a lot of accumulated debris.

The downside pressure kind of pool cleaners is that majority need a separately placed pump in order to operate effectively. The pools which lack a separate pump often do not function effectively and majority of them also require a built in port that is separated from everything else. If you own a pool that is designed for pressure kind of cleaners then you can also use the suction type of swimming pool cleaners with little or no complication.

Suction pool cleaners

suction pool cleanerSuction pool cleaners are currently very popular with homeowners and businesses which clean pools. In comparison to pressure kind of swimming pool cleaners, they are a better choice as they do not require a different pump in order to function. They are designed to move around the walls and bottom of the swimming pool as they vacuum it and rid it of accumulated debris. The cleaner is attached to the pool plumbing's suction side to get it to start working. It can be attached via a skimmer or through a separate port that has been designed solely for the pool cleaner.

How does the sunction type of swimming pool cleaner work? The cleaner allows dirt to go through the hose and collect in the pool pump's strainer. Suction type of swimming pool cleaners are ideal for pools with little debris. Such debris include plant leaves and flowers. The suction type of pool cleaners are also ideal for pools which are located in dusty areas. If your pool contains more and larger sized debris, it is advisable that you use a leaf canister in order to prevent the leaves from clogging and blocking the swimming pool's filter and also the pump basket.


Robotic pool cleaners

robotic pool cleanerRobot swimming pool cleaners are certainly the future of pool cleaning. They are quickly gaining ground as leading types of cleaners for swimming pools. Robot cleaners are quite simple to use and offer great results. Using a robotic cleaner is quite simple, you only need to plug the cleaner into a power outlet (usually GFCI protected), get it inside the water and switch it on and then voila you are all set to begin the cleaning process. There isn't anything else you will need to do apart from getting the robot into the water and switching on the power. The robots have an in-built filtration system and therefore do not require to be fitted to your pool system in order to carry out their work. You also will not require any additional boost pump or hose extension when you are using robotic pool cleaners. This is one of the reasons why a robotic cleaner is a better choice of pool cleaner in comparison to the other pool cleaners.

In the case of a robotic pool cleaner, the accumulated debris get collected in a mesh-like bag or a cartridge. The robot pool cleaners have been designed in such a manner that enables them to move at the bed of the pools and to also climb walls. Most of the robots are also able to effectively clean staircases. In addition, most of the robotic cleaners have factory incorporated technology that enables the cleaners to determine the size and shape of the swimming pools for better cleaning results.

From the above information, which is your preferred type of pool among the three? You probably have one that you prefer over yhe rest.

Which kind of swimming pool cleaners do I recommend?

Among the three kinds of pool cleaners described above, I by all means recommend robotic pool cleaners. Robot swimming pool cleaners are the most advanced of the three and they also help you clean your pool without the use of any additional equipment. The cleaners also do not require the involvement of your pool system to help them carry out their work. Using automated robot cleaners is quite simple as you only need to plug them into a power source and then get them inside the water.

Earlier on, I had talked about the factors to consider when choosing a cleaner for your swimming pool. Robot cleaners exemplify most of the important considerations I mentioned. They are quite simple to set up and also simple to operate. You only need to take care and select a swimming pool cleaner which has a suitable warranty and is of high quality. Robotic cleaners are very smart gadgets, they are able to calculate your swimming pool's size and determine its shape on their own. You therefore will not need to worry about this. They are indeed amazing devices.

Below is a video I came across. It shows the three different kinds of pool cleaners. You can have a look at it and get to learn more about the pool cleaners.

What should be your next cours of action?

The main objective of writing this post was so as to offer you a detailed summary of automated swimming pool cleaners. Armed with such knowledge and information, you can be able to make a decision regarding the type of cleaner that best meets your pool cleaning needs. I hope and believe I gave you all the necessary information pertaining to swimming pool cleaners. I therefore would like think it's your turn now to act having gotten all the information I have given you. You should now make an order for a pool cleaner to help you clean your swimming pool. If you would like to access more information regarding a particular kind or model of swimming pool cleaner, simply look at our website menu. You will see the various pages which are available on the menu and click on the one you may wish to access. Just search across our website for the information you may be looking for.

Examples of recommended reviews on above ground swimming pool cleaners

Because I wish for you to have adequate information pertaining to pool cleaners on a single page, I have prepared a list below of some brands of swimming pool cleaners. These are some of the leading and most recommended and popular brands of automatic swimming pool cleaners. Get the list below:

  • Dolphin Nautilus cleaner
  • The PoolCleaner
  • Polaris Vac-Sweep 280
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