Best Travel Website Templates & Tips for Your Website

Best Travel Website Templates & Tips for Your Website

Best Travel Website Templates & Tips for Your Website

A travel website design is the most suitable way of getting travelers to learn about your company and to familiarize with your travel services even without prior knowledge of your company. Millions of travelers around the world research and use online travel agencies for making travel plans. In fact, travel bookings have been known to contribute the largest part of e-commerce. For this reason, the online presence and visibility of a travel agency is the most important investment in any company. The website should be user friendly and appealing to use, search engine and mobile friendly and should be designed to perfectly suit needs of the customers.

Due to the online presence of many travel agencies, you need to create an outstanding travel website that will; increase the exposure of your agency, create an exceptional brand name for your agency, increase the number of travelers accessing your website, bring paying customers to purchase your service and ensures better web rankings which will lead to more targeted traffic to the weebsite and therefore more leads and sales.

A good travel website is solely dedicated to travel and is the perfect ground for travelers to access reviews from other customers who have previously used the service. A travel website acts as an intermediary between the traveler and his destination. It markets pre packaged travel tours and holidays to prospective purchasers.

Features of a travel website design

Your travel website must contain these features that ensure that it’s user friendly, attractive, well designed and manageable and is the best leverage for your investment.

1. Visitors section

A visitor’s page should contain tours by themes, origin city and locations, duration and by type of tours. The page should be featured in the homepage along with beautiful photographs of the travel destinations. Each featured tour should include the title, the category, the duration, destination, short description on the tour the country and city of the tour, the price, the itinerary, customer review, validity, enquiry and booking of the tour. The company’s history, news, question and answer forums, any other services offered and the contact information of the company should also be included here.

Additionally the homepage should include tour booking forms, flight/car booking form, hotel booking form and the log in area for travelers who have bought a tour. The home page should be designed to be virtually appealing to the customer. A dull or stuffed homepage will drive customers away. Colors and graphics should be applied to appeal the customers.

2. Traveler or customer section

This should be the section that the visitor who has already purchased a service interacts with the tour agency. It should therefore contain;

- Secure log in and sign up for customers who have bought the service.

- An updated company’s contact information such as email and phone numbers. This will help the customer to efficiently contact the company.

- Tour information. This should contain a detailed description on the duration, the location and the itinerary of the purchased tour.

- Message from the travel agency notifying the customer on the bought service.

- A query forum whereby the visitor gets to ask and receive answers for any questions they might have.

The information provided to the visitor should be appropriate, informative and useful. Information on travel tips, hotel bookings and discussions ought to be provided to provide clarity to the customer at this stage.

The section should be easy to navigate for the online visitors to enjoy access of the services. Easy and effective navigation themes should be provided so as to maximize the user experience.

3. Tour’s company section

This is a private section for the travel agency or company to be able to design and configure the website to suit customers’ needs. A travel website needs to be constantly updated and should there contain the following features;

- Configuration: This is the agency’s section where the admin can be able to set and change the admin’s password and to also to add, edit, delete, activate and deactivate users. This allows a fast to respond website where users can access details easily.

- Categories and tour management: This category will allow the admin to add and new tours and activate and deactivate existing tours. It also allows him to edit categories and sub categories, add and delete regions, areas, cities and countries. These will ensure that the information on the site is up to date and effective.

- Customer management: This section allows the admin to add new customers and delete dormant ones. It also allows him to confirm emails and register new travelers and to finally evaluate the list of orders received.

- Messaging: The section is divided into two main categories: Inbound messages & Outbound messages. Inbound messages allows the agency to sort messages by date and tours and reply and delete messages that are received. Outbound messages allows the agency to send messages to customers.


Example of travel website templates

StarWebSoft is known to offer the most exquisite collection of amazing templates for you to create your own travel website. You therefore don’t need to be a programmer to come up with a travel website that suits the needs of your company and customers.

Most elements of the themes can be customized o fit your own unique needs. Most features on these templates will be manageable from the admins section. With StarWebSoft you get to use an array of modules that suits your need. The modules are as explained below.

1. The language module - The language module allows you can have the languages that fit your online presence.

2. CMS module - This module allows you to manage different pages in your website easily.

3. Blog module – This module allows your website to be as informative as possible. It will allow you to operate a functional blog on the website

4. Slider module – This module comes in handy when you want to notify your online visitors of something important.

5. Portfolio module – The module helps with the many portfolios that you will need to make your website complete. It makes showcasing and managing your work easy.

6. FAQ module – The module allows you to interact and answer your customers’ information very easy.

7. Service module - The module will allow helps you to manage and add services to your website very easy.

There are modules that help you manage the menus, the accounts, banners, information and portfolio also. StarWebSoft also provides amazing templates to fit your needs such as:

1. Spiral multipurpose theme

Though spiral is a multipurpose theme, it is also one of the best in creating travel websites. This is because of the fact that this template is a html 5 which has been made to suit all screens. With the great collection of elements that are featured in this template, you can creatively customize the template to fit your needs. This template is known to be great for startup companies but also is customizable to accommodate the diverse needs of large travel companies with large amounts of data. It is suitable for unique, appealing and outstanding travel websites.

2. The corps

The corps is an exquisite multipurpose fully responsive template with powerful features. It contains simple and clear coding, flexible and highly quality layout, scalable with color schemes to create the most appealing website. Bootstrap and mega menus and incredible modules allow easily accessible, easy to navigate and customer friendly website. The unique eye catching designs and business are exactly what you need to promote your business online visibility..

3. Bravers

Bravers is html 5 multipurpose theme that is fully customizable to accommodate your travel website unique needs. With the powerful tools and content in bravers, you can create an amazing, user appealing travel website that will meet the needs of the company and the online visitors. It is suited for large travel agencies as well as small start up ones. Bravers is one of the perfect templates for a successful travel website.

4. Ester multipurpose theme

Ester is an elegant, unique html 5 theme that is suitable for business and travel websites. The versatile themeis fit for use for a travel website because it contains all screen friendly features, amazing menus and is fully responsive and uses clear coding. Moreover, this theme is innovative and customizable to fit the diverse needs of a travel website. This theme is suitable for startup companies and large travel agencies and uses up to date technologies that make it friendly to all search engines.

5. Vozx template

This is the ideal theme for travel and business websites. It offers creativity and customizable features for well established companies as well as the start up companies. It contains powerful features such as high quality coding, bootstraps and html 5 to ensure that it’s screen and search engine friendly. For this reason, Vozx has been recommended for use to build interactive, appealing and user friendly websites. It also allows customization of modules and addition of features for a successful and appealing travel website. With the huge collection of themes present in Vozx, it is the ideal template for travel websites. Make your website awesome, user friendly and appealing using this template.

6. Superfine responsive module

This is the most responsive, high quality and multi purpose theme that will ensure that yourwebsite is successfully designed. It uses special features such as CSS 3 and HTML 5 to ensure that your company’ s projects, services, tours and reviews are showcased in the best possible way. It is retina ready and works perfectly on smartphones, PCs, tablets and laptops. It integrates the bootstrap technology for customers to find an easy, powerful and awesome platform to operate on. Superfine responsive module is suitable for your travel website as the powerful elements are easy to customize and to effectively meet your needs.

7. Mushi multipurpose template

Mushi is a powerful, HTML, powerful template that supports up to eight homepages and woo commerce in order to match the company’s individual needs. Muchi is known to be one of the best templates for travel websites and that can not be missed. The modern homepages offered by this website ensures easy accessibility of the website, easy navigation and creativity. Mushi template is designed to easily customize to fit your company’s unique needs and to easily showcase achievements and projects. The responsive and retina ready nature ensures that mushi can fit all screens effectively for affectiveness.

8. Proflex multipurpose responsive theme

Proflex is a powerful multipurpose and fully responsive theme that is perfect t design any website. It’s easily customizable features ensure that it can design a travel website with ease and effectiveness. Proflex will build a satisfactory, integrated and appealing travel website that will attract lots of customers towards using your company’s services

9. Capitalix

Capitalix is a multipurpose template that is suitable for a travel website. The template is original and displays texts in a displaced form and in blocks design. Capitalix is a challenging, unique design that will ensure that your travel website stands out from the rest. This theme is recommended for use by companies that are looking for a unique, user friendly travel website.


Web design is meant to create an amazing online presence to yield profits and increased benefits for the company. To achieve the results the company should ensure that their travel website is appealing so as to attract a lot of online visitors. To design this awesome websites, programming knowledge is not required as the available templates will ensure that even without much cash, you build a website that will lead to increased sales and critical success for your business.

As a starter in making a travel website, make sure that your website attracts a large number of visitors by improving the outlook of the website, creating a customer friendly homepage and instant feedback. Quench your quest for a great travel website by using the flexible, mobile friendly, fully responsive features that have been offered by template in StarWebSoft. Your travel website success begins here! Do not miss out on making the best travel website templates and on great marketing success!

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