Use and re-use modules in StarWebSoft's framework

Freedom and flexibility are the most important aspects of web design. StarWebSoft builds responsive websites with a huge emphasis on design flexibility, user experience and freedom ensuring that your message or product smoothly translates in the right manner to your audience on any electronic device. To achieve this freedom and flexibility, one of their features that oversteps basic web design features is the ability to use and reuse modules. Modules are the basis of flexibility and creativity in web design. Their modular systems have interchangeable parts or components that are standard in looks and function making them reusable over and over again. This ensures that every component used renders reliably irrespective of the context in which it is used.

Unlike tools that are limited in design capabilities, StarWebSoft flexible designs are designed with enough farsightedness to handle diverse designer needs. Their framework rewards the designers with the power to freely structure page content and select top notch modules from an immense library of reusable components. Imagine coding once, and using your code over and over again, forever! In the StarWebSoft's framework, designs are standardized with a centralized code that is easily reusable. Thus unique code is not required every moment components or modules are used again. In addition, their components are designed to be controlled through system logic. Therefore, unlike in the free form web design where design formatting occurs based on content author discretion, their predefined formatting occurs groundedon systematic rules that are designed to promote reuse and easy adaptability of modules in the future whenever you need them. This results in more scalable infrastructure designs and a better adherence to the design standards.

Contrary to the starwebsoft modular designs, free form web design formatting that is foundedon ones freedom to act rather than outlined structured content leads to discrepant application of styles which ends up messing up the way content is re-used all over your site, how it is displayed across various device screen, or the way it can be reused in the future. To top it up, as the pages that have custome-make layouts increases, designs appears more slapdash which negatively affects the designer navigational flow and creates needless confusion. Nevertheless, StarWebSoft modular designs offer the best solution to the problems unavoidable using the free form designs. That means you can easily use all the methods of one module in another module thus avoiding duplication of code. So, why settle for less, when StarWebSoft gives you this, and much more?