Web Design Packages for any Website at StarWebSoft

Web Design Packages for any Website at StarWebSoft

Web Design Packages for any Website at StarWebSoft

A website serves as your front office for your business online. You need to create a website that both satisfies the need of your customers and offers easy navigation. This makes it easy for your customers to look around your website for the products, services or information they want.

You will achieve this if you have the right web design package for your specific business. Different web design packages suit different business niches. Choosing your web design package will help you in building your website. That is why you need to identify the type of website you want to set up before looking for a web design package.

Examples of Web Design Packages:

1. Corporation Web Design Package: - This is a type of website that allows you to introduce your company / services online. A corporation web design package usually has CMS, blog, portfolios and testimonials module. You can use it to show your company's information, your service / product, or your client's feedback.

2. eCommerce Web Design Package: - This is a type of website that allows you to sell your products/services online. An eCommerce web design package is bundled with a shopping cart, user management, product display and their respective categories. You can sell both physical and digital products.

3. Real Estate Web Design Package: - This design package is effective if you want to showcase your property management business online. This package allows you to display different types of properties you are selling/renting.

4. Blogging Web Design Package: - If you intend to publish more frequent news or blog posts online often, then this web design package is yours. It allows you to publish news for your readers. They can comment on the news as well as subscribe to your newsletter for new posts.

Our Web Design Packages:

StarWebSoft offers you different web design packages that you can choose from for your desired needs in web design. Whatever your need, we have a solution for you. Before you set up your website, you will have to choose your web design package.

To get started, you will have to visit our Theme page and select the theme that satisfies you for the project/website you want to set up. Every theme is designed to work for a particular purpose. After choosing your theme and creating your website, you will need to make use of the available modules to make your website fully-featured.

StarWebSoft web design packages allow you turn your website into anything you want it to do. You can create a real estate, eCommerce, school (e-Learning), blog/news website, or any type of website you want by use of our themes and the modules. The modules help you achieve the best out of whatever you intend.

Here are examples of modules you can use to power your website:

  • CMS module - CMS module helps you manage unlimited Pages in your website easily, it supports Multi-Language.
  • Blog module - The blog module will help you put up a fully functional blog on your website.
  • Slider module - The slider is also useful when you want to make your website visitors aware of important information.
  • Portfolio module - With the Portfolio Module, it's easy and simple to showcase your work and manage your portfolio.
  • Testimonial module - Getting a Testimonial is important for any business, not just a website. It is easy now with Testimonial Module.
  • FAQ module - The FAQ module is a simpler way to answer your customers the questions about the website
  • Service module - Service Module was created to help add and manage your company services easily
  • and much more..

You can always use the theme module from your admin interface to activate a new theme for your website. You can also set up how different modules work on your website. The power of themes and modules brought together ensures endless possibilities.

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Web Design Packages for any Website at StarWebSoft
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