Website Design & Development Process at StarWebSoft?

Website Design & Development Process at StarWebSoft?

Website Design & Development Process at StarWebSoft?

StarWebSoft is an online web design platform. StarWebSoft also allows business owners to create or improve their websites. With this platform, you can have your website looking whichever way you wish. Whether you want it to appear like a news and information site, a corporate website, or like an eCommerce site, the platform offers you packages to help you do that. It also allows web designers to create efficient websites without going through the hassle of designing templates and interfaces. It offers lots of predesigned templates and themes which designers can choose from and use in the construction of their clients' websites.

The process of designing a website at StarWebSoft is pretty easy. You just need to choose a theme for your website and then you will be well on your way to creating amazing websites and succeeding in your web design business or any other business you may be running. Follow the steps below to design a new website:

Website design process

Step 1

Click on the Theme menu and choose a theme you want, this will open into another page which shows a particular theme. Click on the Buy Now button. Another page will open once you click on this button. On this page, enter the domain name of the website you are creating and then select the purpose of the website.

Step 2

Once you have entered the domain name, click on the button marked Next. This will take you to a page which requires you to enter your personal information. This includes details such as site name, billing name and address, payment type, and your phone number among other details.

Step 3

Once you are done entering your personal details, click Next. You will be redirected to a page that lets you confirm the information you have entered. Once you have confirmed that your information is correct, click on the Order Now button. In case there was a mistake with the information you entered then you can go back and reenter the information.

Step 4

After successfully clicking on the Order Now button, you will be done with the process of creating a new website at StarWebSoft. The only thing that remains at this point is to wait for your information to be approved by StarWebSoft staff in order for your website to get installed. The website design process at StarWebSoft is as simple as that, no coding or encryption process is required whatsoever.

How much does it cost to design a website?

If you are a business owner or a web designer then you shouldn't let the amazing opportunity at StarWebSoft pass you. As a web designer, it will enable you save time as well as other inputs by offering you premade themes and templates. You may only need to make a few touches here and there depending on what your clients wants. It is surely a platform that will benefit you greatly as a web designer.

The platform will also help you as a business owner by enabling you create a website which appeals to your customers and helps create leads for you. Furthermore, you will get to save on the cost of creating a new website. Web designers and computer programmers usually charge business owners a lot of money to design a website for them. The price is usually high because of the complex processes involved such as coding, configuration, and customization. Aside from the complexities involved, designers can also charge you more money because of having to conduct a research to know what your target audience is interested in. In addition to this, they can charge you highly because your website has multiple pages.

Unlike in the process of hiring web designers to build your site where you part with a lofty amounts of money to them, creating a website at StarWebSoft is very cheap. You will only have to pay for the premium package you are ordering. This amount is however negligible compared to the hefty sums which business owners pay web designers to create websites for them.

Website design themes at StarWebSoft

Apart from ease of creating a website and saving on the cost of creating one, another advantage of creating a website with StarWebSoft is the great looking websites which the framework enables you come up with. StarWebSoft has beautiful themes and templates which result into great looking websites. The websites do not only have attractive interfaces but are also easy to navigate. The themes are designed in a manner that ensures that content is neatly arranged and that your visitors can easily find the information they are looking for on your site. Both graphical and textual fit well on any single page of the website and there are also widgets and dropdown menus provided to help visitors navigate from one page to another.

StarWebSoft offers a wide collection of themes which you can choose from and use to design your new website. Some of these themes are free while others are premium. One outstanding thing about the themes offered by StarWebSoft is that they are elegant and highly responsive regardless of whether they are free or whether they are paid for. You can pick a free theme at StarWebSoft and still end up with a website that meets your expectation and even supercedes it. In addition, the website built from a free StarWebSoft theme can end up looking and functioning way better than a website into which lots of money have been invested.

The secret to the elegant and high quality themes at the framework is the commitment and professionalism StarWebSoft applies when designing them. The themes as well as the templates are created by a team which is highly skilled in IT and computer programming and who have amassed a wealth of experience in the duration they have been practising as web designers and other related and other related roles. The fact that the themes are created by StarWebSoft and not borrowed from elsewhere also helps to ensure uniqueness. The website you will be creating with any of these themes will be looking different and beautiful compared to the websites which most businesses have.

Below are some of the themes available at StarWebSoft and a few examples under each category:

Corporate theme

StarWebSoft offers a variety of themes for corporates. These themes are optimized to meet the specific needs of corporates such as telling clients about their brand and services, sharing news about latest involvements with clients, answering questions clients may have, making job listings and introducing their management team to clients among other needs. Examples of this theme include:

1. Artua

Artua is a HTML theme that is based upon a bootstrap model. It has a sleek interface which is ideal for corporates as it is impressive to visitors. The theme has safe coding and its license is renewed freely once you have purchased it. Future upgrading is also completely free for this theme. The theme is priced at $299.

2. IOD

IOD is a short form for information on demand. It is a theme that has been designed to showcase information about multiple pages on a single pages. It allows website visitors to easily go through the pages and to find the information they are looking for easily. It has a number of expandable menus that visitors can click on and access information. Like Artua, it is also $299 and has free relicensing and upgrading.

eCommerce theme

StarWebSoft offers specific themes which suit online businesses. These themes enable the businesses to describe products, upload photos of products, list prices, and provide shopping carts among other things. Here are two examples of such themes:

1. Moon

This is an elegant looking HTML based theme. It is very responsive and therefore ideal for a site that is visited by customers seeking to buy products. It is also $299 and requires no second payment to have your website renewed. Future upgrading is also free.

2. Electro

Electro is a theme which as aneat looking and responsive interface. It has a vertical menu which easily allows you to list various details of your business. It is ideal for businesses dealing in electronics. It is offered at a cost of $299 and is also absolutely free to relicense or upgrade.

Construction theme

StarWebSoft has various themes for construction companies. These themes enable the companies tell clients about their construction activities as well as display a portfolio of their work to clients. Here are two examples of this theme:

1. Builder

Buider is a theme that allows construction companies as well as engineers and plumbers showcase their work to clients and also tell them more about their services. The theme has a stunning interface that makes your site appealing to visitors. It is $299 and has free relicensing and upgrading terms.

2. Constructioner

This is a HTML5 based theme. It is very responsive and has a unique and modern interface. It is ideal for construction and architectural companies because of its modern look. The theme also allows for cross browser compatibility and has a coding that includes CSS and JS files. It is also $299 and has free relicensing and upgrading terms.

Medical theme

The web design site also has themes for medical and other health practitioners. These themes enable medical, dental, and pharmaceutical companies to easily tell clients about their services. Examples of such themes are:

1. Mega Health

Mega Health is HTML5 coded and has a clean looking and modern interface. It is ideal for hospitals, medical clinics, dental clinics, and pharmaceutical companies. It is a user friendly theme with great functionality. Like the rest, it is $299 and has free relicensing and upgrading terms.

2. Medicure

This is a HTML theme. It has a neat looking and spacious interface which is ideal for hospitals, medical clinics, and dental clinics. It is $299 and is free to renew and upgrade.

Church theme

StarWebSoft provides a variety of themes which churches can use to construct their websites. Such themes enable churches to tell faithfuls about themselves and about other information such as church services, prayer groups, prayer requests, charity and community activities, resources, and donation among other things. Here are two examples of such themes:


WeBelieve is a HTML5 theme that is based around Twitter framework. It is very responsive and also displays very clear images. It is ideal for churches, prayer groups, and charity organisations. It is also $299 and is free to relicense and upgrade.


Travel theme

StarWebSoft also offers various themes for travel websites. Here is an example:


Accommodo is a HTML theme that utilises features such as ribbons and pop ups to pass information to website visitors. It is ideal for travel and real estate websites. It goes for $299 and is free to renew and upgrade.


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