Why designer and programmer choose StarWebSoft's Framework?

Website design and programming has come a long way since the initial days of the internet. From just basic HTML code, new functionalities and features have been added over time, giving rise to the media rich and intuitive websites we see today. The challenges faced by a website designer or programmer have never been more daunting - to create smooth flowing websites which are content heavy, and ensuring that it can accessed from any platform are just some of these challenges. Keeping that in mind, it is essential for you as a designer to select the right tools, and stay ahead of the competition.

This is where StarWebSoft's unmatched web design and programming interface comes in. Created by professionals who work in this field, this interface easily handles all the major challenges faced by the modern programmer. To get started, all you need to do is sign up at starwebsoft.com. In addition to creating your own website, you can take up projects submitted by fellow internet users, specifying their own unique requirements and expectations from a design.

That's the first advantage of StarWebSoft: finding a design job has never been this easy! Literally the only thing you need to do is check the 'Find a Job' tab, and select the one that you feel comfortable taking up. The pricing is extremely attractive from a coder's perspective - approved projects will immediately result in a $10 payment. That means you could earn at least 80-100$ a month for part-time work. Because of the developer focused web design tools offered, the actual coding and design of the pages tends to be streamlined and hassle free.

The framework is central to the developer experience, and StarWebSoft's design framework offers unmatched features catering to the long standing demands of web professionals worldwide. The focus of all these enhancements is to ensure that the process of web design stays simple, quick and elegant. As such, it's ease of use is the first key advantage of the framework. Gone are the hours of coding and bug testing that were required for even a slightly complex website. Here, a modular implementation is followed, which works great for even the largest of designs. It is pretty easy to learn, and you can master it using the detailed documentation and feature explanations offered at starwebsoft.com.

Worried about your code security? StarWebSoft ensures that your code stays safe from prying eyes. All submitted code is stored on the company's dedicated host, offering major boosts to security and reliability. You can work at your own convenience and submit your code at any point in the offer timeline, without having to worry about code loss due to bad servers. Thus, a truly global workflow is achieved, and you can focus on delivering the best possible design without any headaches. Another advantage is that your code stays between you and the customer, with the site acting as a medium - an ideal scenario for code security.

StarWebSoft values your time and effort, and adopts policies to ensure that you are never dissatisfied. Unlike competing frameworks, use of the site is free, and only requires that you sign up using an email id. It also comes with the promise of free upgrades, so that you can immediately take advantage of new features as and when they are implemented. In addition to improving the usability of the framework, this also means that the design possibilities using this framework are ever expanding - and you as developers will be right at the forefront of these changes.

A lot of modern websites rely on using the same modules with a few modifications. Almost every website uses elements such as drop down menus and sliders, for example, which tend to be cumbersome to implement if you are expected to repeat the entire code every time. Keeping this in mind, StarWebSoft's framework offers a way to easily reuse a module that you had previously coded. This basically works by allowing the creation of a controller which can replicate the previously made module, but with altered parameters. A good example is available at Module Reusability page

All this coding might sound like a lot of work, but the site supports many industry standard languages. So any experienced coder can easily pick it up and start working in this framework. That too, in your preferred language, and at your own convenience. Developing a website has never been this easy!